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Background information
Origin Orlando, Florida[1]
Genre(s) Alternative rock
Christian rock
Years active Since 1999[1]
Label(s) Sony BMG/Flicker[1]
Eight Track
Dawn Richardson[1]
Wendy Drennen[1]
Justin Cox[1]
Glenn Drennen[1]
Phee Shorb[1]

Fireflight is an American Christian rock band formed in Eustis, Florida in 1999.[1] The band is signed by Flicker Records. They have played in Shoutfest and have been featured on The Scars Remain tour with Disciple, Family Force 5, and Decyfer Down. While touring, they wrote their second album, Unbreakable (2008), and released their first single off the album "Unbreakable".


Guitarists Justin Cox and Glenn Drennen had gone to school together. Glenn had the idea to start a band with Wendy (Glenn's wife and bassist) and Justin. They were then in need of a singer. Glenn and Wendy went to Glenn's younger brother's graduation and heard Dawn Richardson (lead singer) sing during the service for it, they asked her to be in the group and she agreed to do it. The band was looking for a drummer at this point, and through a mutual friend they met Phee Shorb, who agreed to play drums.

Most would wonder where the name "Fireflight" originated, the name was actually suggested by Dawn Richardson shortly before they did a small performance at a church. The name Fireflight has no meaning, as suggested by the band in an interview with Jesus Freak Hideout.[2]

They independently released the album Glam-Rok, which was produced by guitarist Justin Cox, in 2002.[1] They followed it up with the 5-track EP On the Subject of Moving Forward in 2004 before they were signed to the major record label Flicker Records.[1]

After years of touring (it is estimated they play 140 shows every year), they released their major label debut album The Healing of Harms in 2006 with two #1 singles "You Decide" and "Waiting". [3] The album was a hit, peaking at #37 on Billboard magazine's Top Christian Albums chart.[1] The song "You Decide", featuring Josh Brown of Day of Fire, was the top request at TVU music television in August 2006. It was the second most played song on Christian Rock radio stations according to the September 1 2006 R&R magazine airplay chart, #11 on the R&R Christian Hit Radio charts on October 23, 2006, and #1 on the Christian Radio Weekly chart. On Billboard's chart, it peaked at #27 on the Hot Christian Singles chart[1] and it finished in the Top 25 of 2006 for the network radio station Air1.

Their second single to rock radio, "Waiting", had reached #1 R&R and CRW Christian Rock chart, and stayed there for 3 consecutive weeks during the month of February 2007. They concurrently released the songs "It's You", "Star of the Show", and "Attitude" to Christian Hit Radio stations.

During another extensive year of touring, the band was experiencing an emotional roller coaster while writing their album "Unbreakable". Wendy describes on their Myspace how stressful and intense writing the album was:

“It almost felt like things were out of control,” says Dawn. "We’d gone through a difficult year as a band with a lot of emotional ups and downs. We basically lived together in a van while writing the new album, and that put us in a pressure cooker. All the stresses were magnified because you’re completely out of your comfort zone, and it really does crank up the intensity of the writing. We poured all of our hope, sorrow, anger, dreams and fears into the music."[4]

Unbreakable/Bionic Woman[]

Fireflight debuted clips of its single "Unbreakable" in promos for the new Bionic Woman television series. "Unbreakable" is the title song from the latest album released in March 2008.[5] The single rose to the number one spot on CRW and R&R's Christian Rock charts seven weeks after its release.[6] The band's third number one rock song was the most added song on Christian Hit Radio radio stations in February 2008.[6] It ended 2008 as the 14th most-played song Christian CHR radio according to R&R magazine's Christian CHR chart.[7]

Fireflight is currently in the process of recording a new album. No other details have been released. The album is expected to be released in 2010.

Band members[]

  • Dawn Richardson - Lead Vocalist
  • Wendy Drennen - Bass Guitar
  • Justin Cox - Guitar and Background Vocalist
  • Glenn Drennen - Guitar
  • Phee Shorb - Drums



  • 2002: Glam-rokindependent
  • 2004: On The Subject of Moving Forward EP – independent
  • 2006: The Healing of HarmsFlicker Records – #37 Top Christian Albums, #48 Top Independent Albums[8]
  • 2008: Unbreakable – Flicker Records – #10 Top Heatseekers[9]
  • 2010: For Those Who Wait - Flicker Records


  • "You Decide" (2006)
  • "Waiting" (2006)
  • "It's You" (2007)
  • "Star of the Show" (2007)
  • "Attitude" (2007)
  • "Unbreakable" (2008)
  • "Brand New Day" (2008)
  • "The Hunger" (2008)
  • "You Gave Me a Promise" (2008)
  • "Stand Up" (2008)


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